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Oh my God, I'm so excited for [ profile] hd_erised, guys! I fucking love this fest, every year I've participated has been so much fun, and I can't wait to get down to it all over again! However, my brain being such a special place, the whole sign-up process leaves me feeling like I've just run a marathon backwards while juggling watermelons and singing a song in a language I don't even know. I'm ridiculous, tbh.

  1. First of all, last night I dreamt that I'd missed the sign-up time, because all of you lot (looking like your icons, btw, it was fairly awesome actually) kept tripping me up and poking me in my ribs while I tried frantically to type. ([ profile] birdsofshore, your beak is really fucking sharp, mate. Ouch.)

  2. THEN I yelled at the kids to get out of the house so we could be back in time for 2pm, only for me to COMPLETELY forget until 1:58pm.

  3. I was in such a hurry that I dropped my laptop down the stairs, left it there and ran onto my kids' computer, nearly throwing the keyboard out of the window because I couldn't remember my bloody LJ password.

  4. I was like 2 minutes past 2pm, and already like a dozen spaces had been filled!

Jesus fucking Christ, people, how fast are you all?

Luckily though, I got in in time, only for my anxiety to shoot through the roof again when I got an email from the mods about something I'd left off the form, but of course the first thing I think is that they missed my comment the first count through and so I was out, or they've just decided they'd really rather I didn't bother them this year. This is nothing against the mods, btw, who are all wonderful, beautiful geniuses, it's just how my weird-ass brain works - I literally spent the first few months at university convinced that any second someone was going to come up and tell me they'd made a mistake and could I just save everyone some embarrassment and go home now, please?

But anyway, now the stressful part is over! (For me, anyway, I'm sure it's just getting started for our poor mods!) So, now I'm going to go bounce around my house while I wait for my assignment!

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! ♥
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