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Okay, so as I've said before, I write reviews for TVD episodes and post them over in the DE circle on VD net.  However, this week I was so angry with the writers that I kind of went off on a raging vent, and they don't allow those kinds of posts on that website.  Thankfully, I can post my thoughts here, complete with rage against the writers and lots of swear words, so here goes!

I have been disappointed by TVD episodes many times in the past, but NEVER has one made me as angry as this one did.  The whole thing was contrived bullshit, fan-service and just plain crap.  The only continuity from last episode to this one was the life lesson that Jeremy had to learn.  He was told by Rose that he was too young to see certain things, and in this episode he had to learn that there were worse things than death.  He watched horrified as Damon tried to convince them all that Alaric would want a mercy killing, only to then see that he was right, as Alaric decides not to turn and entrusts Damon to seeing that it happens the way he would want.

As for the rest, all of these characters’ story arcs were sacrificed for plot and the Stelena relationship.  Caroline was being so hypocritical I was amazed that people weren’t laughing out loud and pointing at her.  Stefan, who was supposed to have learned and had some growth this season was back to being boring and useless.  He was supposed to be struggling with putting his life back together, and he was supposed to be doing it with the help of Damon – to strengthen that bromance that we’re all supposed to love – but apparently all it took was a few minutes of fist-fighting with Alaric to push the reset button?  Elena is supposed to be growing stronger in this season, but instead we have to watch her being completely useless, even when her brother’s life is in danger.  Even Damon, who was supposed to have been stopping lashing out at bumps in the road, is back to being a dick, telling Elena that they need to kill Alaric in a really harsh way, just because they refused to have a DE scene in an SE episode, because it’s Stefan’s “turn”.

I have spent all of my adult life in the company of writers, and one of the first lessons you learn as a writer is to write the story you want to tell, and not to let any outside influences impact on your creation.  The moment you do this, the story loses the integrity of its creation, and so the fan-service that these writers are doing actually disgusts me.  They didn’t do a Stelena heavy episode because it was integral for the story, they did it because they knew that some fans would be upset in the direction of it.  They actually have it explicitly stated by a character (Caroline) in the text that this is what they’re doing, and I am so unbelievably angry at this that I can barely see straight.  None of those SE scenes needed to be there; we KNOW that they are all cute and sweet and gross, we’ve seen this already.  We KNOW that Stefan is boring and magnanimous – although I don’t think that word means what JP thinks it does, unless I’m wrong and it’s actually a synonym for remarkably self-involved.  The SE part of this episode did nothing to move the triangle forward, nor any of the plot points, and I am angry that they think it is okay to do this and still have the front to call themselves writers.  It’s an insult to the writing profession, to be quite honest, and I find it disgusting.

I'm seriously starting to not give a fuck about this show or any of its characters.  Why the hell should I when there is no thought given to these creations and no continuity?  These writers simply do not have a clue what they are doing.  There are too many of them, to begin with, which makes continuity hard, and they seem to be writing these episodes on the fly as they go along.  I am literally disgusted with these people, and right now, I want to march them all outside their conference room and have them all shot.  I'm not surprised the viewership numbers are going down, because this season has been nothing but shit, and I am done.  At least for now.  Maybe after my head has exploded I'll be able to see a bit more clearly, but right now I'm a bit too blinded by rage.


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