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It's been forever since I last posted on here, although I've been around, I just haven't had much to say. Also, I've been incredibly busy! You'd think that in the run up to summer holidays, things would begin winding down, but apparently, just when my brain has gone all sluggish in preparation for having the kids at home for a month and a half, the schools decide that this is the moment when they want me to do things! Ugh!

Eryn has finished all of her exams, and is now waiting impatiently for her results. She's been to her new college to have a look around and meet her new teachers, and has tentatively decided on her A level subjects, depending on what her results are: English Lit, English Lang, History and Sociology. However, considering the fact that this child wouldn't be caught dead reading a book, I think she's somehow decided that I'll be doing the work for her. Hmm... I had to organise her "anti-prom" (because she didn't want to go to the official one - she had no interest in wearing clothes she doesn't like, while listening to music she can't stand and talking to people she hopes never to set eyes on again), and she and her friends had a barbeque down by the canal, and they seemed to have had a great time. We're now in the process of bleaching her hair, because she wants to dye it blue/green, and she looks very weird with the current blonde - although she was born white-blonde, it's been a while since we've seen her with that colour. Also, she has a girlfriend, a really sweet girl who looks at Eryn as though she's hung the bloody moon. It's so cute!

Madison has done her SATs exams, and we should be getting those results soon. Because she's moving up to senior school in September, the past few weeks have been a flurry of school outings and parties, as well as visiting her new school to meet her new teachers. There was a bit of a fracas with that - one particular teacher who didn't yet know that Madison is on the Autism scale told her off for something, which ending in a bit of a meltdown, but thankfully it doesn't seem to have dulled her excitement. They're putting her straight into the Gifted and Talented teaching track, which has the double effect of being a bit quieter for her at the same time as giving her enough work to satisfy her, which should be good. She's got her prom next week, and we've still yet to buy her a dress for it, so we've got to go shopping this weekend. Maybe I'll get a second to myself in a few weeks' time...

Imogen has had their hair cut into a little pixie cut. We pretty it up with clips and bows for when she's a girl, and put gel in it when he's a boy, and so far they love it. Their school report came out the other day, and apparently Imogen is really intelligent... if they could just stop daydreaming long enough to actually do some work. I have no idea what to do with this child, tbh.

I haven't been doing much in fandom recently, because even when I do get the odd hour to myself, I haven't really been feeling it. (I am still betaing though - I haven't forgotten about y'all, promise!) Instead, I've been reading, and trying to update my GR account. However, considering I own at least 4,000 books and have read a bajillion more, it's kind of a losing battle, but I'm trying! I still haven't been doing much writing, although I do intend to join in with [ profile] hd_erised - if I get in on time! Losing those 65k words has really knocked my muse about. I have written about 10k of a new original story, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to keep going. I think if I could just recreate what I lost, I might get my groove back, but so far, nothing is really grabbing me. Ugh, I feel so pathetic to be still whining about this months later.

And er, that's it, I think? See, this is why I haven't been posting - I have nothing to say! Maybe I've just become a really boring person - does that happen to everybody once 35 begins staring at you on the horizon? Ugh, I'm so old and pathetic and boring, and I think I'm turning into my mother. Can someone please kill me
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Wow, it seems like it's been ages since I've been on here! I haven't been avoiding everyone this time, though. It's just that the weather has been beautiful here recently (it's probably going to end up as our only couple of weeks of summer, because Britain sucks like that) so I've been outside as much as possible. Also, I haven't gotten around to going to see CA:CW yet, and I have been trying my best to avoid spoilers, so the internet has been a bit of a minefield in that respect. But anyway, here's what I've been up to recently!

Writing - I haven't been able to do very much, ever since I lost the 68k words of my OS a few weeks ago. Every time I try to recreate it, all I can think is that it was better the first time around, and I can't get more than a few sentences in before I delete the entire thing. I just don't think it's happening for me for a while yet. Which is a fucking shame, because I was kind of head over heels in love with that story. On the plus side though, I did manage to write a shortish fic for [ profile] harrydracompreg, which is currently posting, and I quite liked how that came out, so that's progress, I guess? I've also started plotting out a potential prequel to the aforementioned Lost Story, in the hopes that if I can write that, then maybe my brain will let me rewrite the original in celebration. Who knows, man, brains are tricky little buggers.

Reading - I realised the other day that I have a ton of fics that I'd downloaded on to my Kindle and never got around to reading, so I've been going through those. I've also found a few new m/m authors that I really enjoy - and a few terrible ones, such is the crapshoot of this genre. I've read The Raven King, the last in The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater, but I really need to read it again, because it was AWESOME. I also need to write a revamped post on Queer Rep in YA Fiction for a friend's book blog, now that the series is over, so that should be fun! Oh, and I've just managed to get my hands on a copy of The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury form the library, for [ profile] online_bookclub's May read. I have no idea if I'm going to like it though - scifi's not my favourite genre, unless it's tv shows anyway.

Parenting - So I have a picture to show you. A lot of y'all on my flist are also parents, so I know you know this phenomena we have about thinking our kids are the most gorgeous creatures to ever walk this earth. I mean, all babies are cute, and all kids are lovely, but our own babies have that something extra special, don't they? But sometimes, I take a picture of one of my girls, and the sheer beauty of them takes my breath away. I am, unfortunately, not much of a looker myself, but goddamn, I make fucking stunning looking children. Madison and I were playing with the features on her new phone, and I took a picture of Eryn (who turned 16 last month, send h e l p ), and this was the result:

Picture of my baby )
Like, omfg??? She should be on the Disney Channel or something, look at this precious angel I made from scratch. How she can possibly be shy when she looks like this I have absolutely no clue, but she is, which just makes her even more beautiful to me.

Okay, and that's it for me I think? Not much has been happening, except lots of sun which always makes me happy! Hope everyone else is feeling fine this lovely Tuesday morning! ♥
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Question: How does one sign up for the [ profile] hd_remix flash fest? I've just never signed up for a fest where the prompts are in the comments, and I want to sign up to write for a prompt, but not being sure how is giving me a touch of anxiety, so if anyone could help me out with that I would love you forever!

In other news, I have a picture to show you! Who would like to see? It's not of me, but my eldest daughter, Eryn. It's really hard for me to get good pictures of my family tbh. Imogen doesn't like having her photo taken, because that means standing still for way too long and she's just not here for that. Madison freaks out whenever a camera or phone is pointed her way, and Eryn is 14, so she just hates doing anything I ask her just on principle. But apparently, she'll sit still and smile for her Grandad, because last night he sent me a picture of her from Christmas, so I've grabbed it before she can do something terrible with it, because I'm an evil parent, haha!

take a look at the beautiful creature that I made! )

In other, other news, passive aggressive behaviour is the most confusing thing in the world to me. If you have something to say, say it, otherwise I don't understand why you're even bothering to open your mouth. I literally don't, because I can't see how you're making your point, so the effort seems wasted to me. Maybe it's just me, and I take things too literally (this happens a lot tbh), but I can't help but think that if you have to hide your thoughts and opinions behind passive aggressive behaviour, then there's probably a reason for it, and that reason probably doesn't put you in a good light. (And yes Ben, I'm talking about you.)

In other other, other news, I'm so in love with The Fosters right now. Jude and Connor are about to have their first kiss, Stef and Lena are my otp forever, and if Brandon could possibly shut up for five seconds and maybe go away forever then everything would be so perfect. You have to watch this show people, it's just so good!

Ahem, and now back to writing. How is everyone's week going?
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So, it was my baby's first full day of school today, and that was more of a struggle than it should have been. Because of her very recent diagnosis of a hearing impairment, me and the school have had to scrabble around to find her an SEN teacher that's likely to be permanent. We managed it (within a week, actually, which might be some kind of record), and then Imogen spent the whole of the weekend throwing up, having caught a stomach bug from God knows where. She still managed to go in today, but she was completely knackered and fell asleep on the way home. My eldest was sent home from her school today, because she'd managed to throw up in the middle of the hallway, and she's spent the rest of the day hugging a bowl to her chest in between bouts of running off to the toilet. My middle girl also came home feeling sick, and she's now also hugging a bowl and moaning. And my husband has had to come home from work, because he was feeling sick, and being a doctor he's had to distance himself as much as possible from work. And on top of all that, I am experiencing probably the heaviest period ever, including all the post pregnancy ones I've suffered through, to the point where I am literally having trouble standing upright. And now I'm fgeeling sick too.

Like, seriously, if anyone else has had a worse Monday than me, then I shall make you a special award for it, because you'd bloody deserve it.

On another note, I came across THIS on Tumblr today, and I spent a good few minutes laughing incredulously. Someone has decided to rewrite Harry Potter and make it suitable for Christian children, taking out all those nasty bits like magic and stuff because, you know, otherwise kids might grow up to become witches! Which is totally a thing that happens. I'm just... I can't quite work out if this is just a troll (in which case, rme) or if they're seriously thinking stuff like this. It kind of makes me want to shove my entire thesis down these people's throats because WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIVES. If this is for real, I kind of don't really want to live on this planet anymore. Although I have to say, the entertainment value is kind of cool.

But anyway, that's been my Monday! Things can only go downhill from here...
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I'll be honest, there are times when I wonder to myself about this parenting lark. It's just so bloody difficult! More often than not, I worry that I'm doing something that will permanently damage these future people, and wonder why I ever thought becoming a parent was a good idea. Occasionally though, things happen that make all that stress and worry worth it, so I thought I'd share a few of those here.

I've somehow made a badass teenager )

When kids get one up on snarky adults )

Confusing convos with a 4y/o )

Sometimes, being a parent is the best thing in the entire world!
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