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I made a little comment in my post last night that I was deliberating on whether or not to read an RPF piece by a writer I adore, because I'd never read stuff like that before. When I woke up this morning, I'd got a couple of messages (from people not on my flist, which i don't understand how that works, do people go searching for stuff on here? But that's a question for another day.) saying that there was nothing wrong with RPF and not to be so judgmental. I've answered those messages, but I thought I'd put a little post on here to give my views on RPF, just in case any of the people on my flist also thought I was being judgmental.

My objective thoughts: I don't find it morally wrong, or gross or weird or anything like that, and I don't judge anyone who likes to either read or write RPF. As with pretty much everything, my views are that if it's not hurting anyone, then there's no harm in indulging yourself in the realm of fiction.

My subjective thoughts: I don't get RPF? I don't mean this in a "why would you do that" kind of way, but in an actual "I don't understand" kind of way. I read and write fic about characters because I've fallen in love with these two fictional people; I know everything about them and I want them to be happy in my head, and I know they'll only be happy with that one other character. But with real famous people, I don't actually know them? I have no idea how these people would react in situations, and so to me, RPF always sort of seems to me like original fiction, just with a couple of characters who just happen to look like and have the same names as a couple of people from real life? And the thing is, I get that some people do the same with famous people as I do with fictional characters; they fall in love with them and want them to be happy, and so that's where RPF comes in, and I get that. But for me personally, I don't ever feel that way about famous people. Maybe it's because I've spent so much of my life in fictional worlds, or maybe it's because I literally grew up around semi/about to be famous people (I used to hang out with Frank Bruno's daughter because they lived round the corner from me, and I went to school with Chris Hayden, the drummer for Florence and the Machine and quite a few more) so I'm kind of used to the fact that they're still just people? I just, I don't understand it because I just don't care about the actors behind the characters I love, at least not any more than I would care about the random dude who lives across the road from me that I smile and say good morning to every day.

I don't understand it, but I don't judge it either, because I know that not everyone is like me, and everyone has the right to squee over whatever the hell they want. So please, just in case anyone thought I was judging, just know that I wasn't, and I'm sorry if I caused anyone any distress or discomfort. <3

Please feel free to tell me you agree/disagree/find RPF morally objectionable or whatever; I always love a good discussion!
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