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For my second rec post, the fandom and pairing are gonna be Stiles/Derek from Teen Wolf.

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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles/Derek (Sterek)

Okay so, for my second rectober post, I am going with another long time favourite OTP. I have shipped this couple since the 4th episode of the very first season, right when Derek demanded that Stiles cut off his arm. OTPs help each other cut off their limbs all the time, don't you know. As before, under the cuts, I will talk about the characters and the ship and why they're so precious to me, and then give out a fic, some art, and a vid rec for you all to peruse at your leisure!
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So there we go, my second rectober post, and my second ship and OTP! I hope you enjoy having a look at these as much as I enjoyed reccing!
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