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Okay, I promised [ profile] besamislabios that I would send her a message with some fic recs for this pairing, but when I actually started looking at my bookmarks I realised that there were way too many that I couldn't leave out and they wouldn't all go into the message, so. Here are some of my fave Stucky fics!

(Note: I tend to look for good plot and good writing before I look for sex, so the ratings of these will go up and down)

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(NOTE: I'm going to come back and edit this post later with loads more fics, but I have to go make dinner before I am fed upon by starving hyenas (Ie: my family) so yeah, watch this space!)

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Just so y'all know, this doesn't even cover a tenth of the fics I have read and loved for this pairing so, when you've gone through these let me know, and I'll pull up some more :D
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banner by [ profile] raitala

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Steve/Bucky (Stucky)

As before, feels, fic and vids under the cuts!

Ugh why must these boys hurt me like this )

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Wow, this was a slightly more traumatic experience than I thought it would be! I may have got carried away with my feels there, sorry about that! See you in the next post!
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