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Do you ever get so angry that you feel completely impotent with rage, and you end up wanting to cry with frustration? Because sometimes I do. Most of the time I can shrug things off and not let them bother me, because I'm able to tell myself that there's nothing I can do to change the situation and that getting upset only hurts myself, so why bother. But then, there are times when I get so angry that my hands shake and my palms itch with the need to strangle someone with my bare hands. Read on for the source of my rage:

So, my daughter turned 15 last week, and on Saturday, she got an ear piercing. It looks like this:

And the first thing her school does is tell her that if she doesn't remove it immediately, she will be pulled out of her lessons until she does. And yes, okay, the school does have a rule about no piercings, but then they also have a rule about no make up, and they're not pulling students out of class who are wearing inch thick foundation and bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes. There's also a rule about no hair dye, but they're not pulling students out of class who have bleached blonde hair. No, they're only deciding to enforce this arbitrary rule on my daughter, because my daughter doesn't conform to conventional female norms. And so I'm going to the mattresses over this, because my daughter's right to bodily autonomy is more important to us both than their need to assert power and control over people who have no choice but to obey.

I am so fucking angry about this, because I tried to be polite, I really did. I called the school and asked to speak to her head of house, and I said that it's only for a few weeks, until the piercing is healed, so could she just cover it with her hair until the point comes where she can remove it for the school day. It's a cartilage piercing, which means that if she takes it out before it's healed, she won't be able to get it again, so they are in effect forcing my daughter to choose between her education and her right to make choices about her own body, and I absolutely refuse to let them do that to her.

The thing is, I know some people will be thinking, why let her get it done if we knew that there was a rule against it at her school. But the thing is, I'm raising 3 girls, and she is just the first one to get to the age where she is beginning to realise that the rest of society believe they have the right to dictate what she does with her own body. She will be judged on what she chooses to wear, what she chooses to do for a living, when/if she loses her virginity. Every single decision she makes with regard to herself will be judged by everyone else, because society believes that their opinion is more important than what my daughter wants to do with her own body. This is just the first of many decisions that she will make about herself that others will comment upon, and I think it's incredibly important that she stand up for her decision, and that I support it. It's important for her self-worth, for her self-confidence, that she knows that only she has the right to dictate what she does with her own body, and that it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about it, she can do whatever the fuck she wants to herself and doesn't have to answer to anyone else. Her body, her choice, in all things, including body modifications.

GCSEs can be retaken, if it comes to that, but the blow to her bodily autonomy, to her self-worth as a female, would be much harder to overcome. So come at me, you craptastic excuse for an educational establishment. I only get more eloquent the angrier I get, and you're in for a smackdown of epic proportions to be honest.

I've been watching Supernatural since its inception, and it's always had its problems. There was the racist truck episode (they literally wrote an entire episode about a black man who was killed for dating a white woman coming back to haunt the white men who lynched him and painted him as the bad guy jesus fucking christ), and so many female characters fridged just for the advancement of ~manpain. They frequently "no homo" any possible subtext, and queer characters and poor people are often the butt of jokes. Basically, the only way to not be offended while watching this show is if you're a middle class straight white dude. But then, in season 7, they brought in a character called Charlie. Charlie is a geek, she's a computer hacker who takes advice from her bobblehead Hermione, goes to cons and cosplays in a field where she's the elven queen in charge of the fight against the evil goblins, and she goes running off into the land of Oz with Dorothy because yep, she's also a lesbian. Because she's a lesbian, she's allowed to live at the end of her first episode, because otherwise she would have had to have been paired off with one of the brothers and eventually killed to further their plot, because that's what happens to all of their love interests. So she's in half a dozen episodes, and the entire - and mainly female - fandom latches onto her, because she's like the literal embodiment of everything the show has been lacking so far. So what do they do? THEY KILL HER OFF. They also do it off screen, because apparently she's not even important enough to show her ugly and unnecessary death, and once again, it's all to further the plots of the straight white dudes.

Just, FUCK YOU, writers. Contrary to your misogynistic viewpoint, female characters are actually able to have storylines that aren't about men. Female characters aren't useless unless they're connected romantically to a male character. The fact that you did this 10 seasons into this show just proves that even over the span of a decade, you can't learn the simple fact that a bunch of straight white men are just not interesting to watch. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR MANPAIN. Ugh.

Phew, I feel slightly better now! Sorry for the rant, guys, hopefully y'all are having a better day than I am! :D
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