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As I'm sure y'all have worked out by now, these Rectober posts are about my various OTPs (I have so many, ohmygod). This post is a little different, because instead of talking about a particular pairing, this time I'm going to talk about FEMSLASH!!

I think it's fair to say that, although I ship across all the genders and that my shipping tends to lean more towards characters and narratives than looks or amount of penises, the vast majority of my OTPs are m/m pairings. I think that is probably because you can't switch on the tv without falling over a het ship, and canon femslash ships are still much more prevalent than m/m relationships (because of the fetishisation of lesbianism, obviously, which is a rant for another day). So although I get more of my share of het ships, and the occasional delightful femslash ship, m/m is still such a taboo subject that I probably mainly ship that way just to make a point, to be honest.

BUT, that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate femslash just as much as m/m, so below the cuts, I'm going to talk about a few canon and non-canon femslash ships that I love, and hand out a few recs!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Teen Wolf )

So, only vid recs today, because these are ships that I love but rarely look for in fic. I really urge you to watch the vids though, especially the last one, because it will make you sob buckets. You know, unless your heart is made completely of stone! See you for the next post! <3
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