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Chapter 3 of my Snow Queen AU, for [ profile] dutchess_sandra!

Word count: 3500+ (this part)
Spoilers/warnings: Completely AU.
Rating: T+ (for now)

Act 3 )
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Chapter 2 of my DE Snow Queen Fairytale AU for [ profile] dutchess_sandra!

Word count: 4500+ (this part)
Spoilers/warnings: Completely AU, so if you know the characters' names, you're good to go.
Rating: T+ (for now)

chapter 2 )
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This is filling a prompt for the A2A Christmas Exchange over at TVDmixing community, hosted by [ profile] junkyatbest. This story is a little different, because it's going to be uploaded in multiple parts, or 'acts'. This is Act 1.

Prompt by [ profile] dutchess_sandra : It is hard to come up with an original prompt, but I think I have something. It may be a bit of a challenge, but given the Winter theme and the fact that I'm a huge fan of fairy tales, my prompt is this: Write a D/E version of Hans Cristian Anderson' The Snow Queen. Damon needs to be in the role of Kai and Elena in the role of Gerda, but I leave it up to you what other parts of the story you'll use, which characters you'll include (or change, like making the troll a witch, etc.) and how mature you are gonna make the story.

Wow, what a challenge! Hopefully I do it justice!

Word count: 3500+ (this part)
Spoilers/warnings: Completely AU, so some characters may appear a little different. I will try to keep their personalities as close as possible though.
Rating: T+ (for now)

Chapter 1: )
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This is my second story for the DE Christmas Story Exchange over at TVDmixing community, hosted by [ profile] junkyatbest, filling the prompt by [ profile] vanagonne:

I'm a fan of the relationship between all three: Damon/Elena/Stefan. I love the relationship between brothers (as brothers, not incestual but that love and bond we see in the show every so often). I do lean more towards Damon/Elena because i'm a sucker for forbidden/unrequited love. Anyway, I would LOVE to have Elena "kidnapped" by the brothers on christmas eve. She's not in a good place with either brother and hasn't heard from them much since she pushed them away after her first kill. So, somewhat canon as I don't know what is going to happen of course, I am not really picky about that. They take her somewhere to celebrate Christmas. Don't care if there is or isn't smut, just so long as there's comfort and some angst.

Word count: ~3500
Spoilers/warnings: Because of the nature of the prompt - canon D/E/S -  this fic is very Gen, with a side of DE if you squint? Hopefully the prompter likes it anyway!

The walls of the cave close in around her. )
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This is a story for The Vampire Diaries Christmas Exchange, over at TVDmixing community, hosted b [ profile] junkyatbest, filling the prompt by [ profile] pureheart151:

It's been nearly two months since Elena and Damon have left Mystic Falls - in order to teach Elena how to feed properly without hurting someone, to keep her bloodlust under control, far away from her friends and family - as Christmas arrives. When Elena gets a phone call from home (from who is up to you) to wish her a Merry Christmas, she realizes how much she really misses her friends, so Damon decides to make it up to her by giving her a Christmas that she'll always remember. (Including a visit from her family and friends on Christmas itself is optional).

I didn't have time to submit my own prompt for this exchange, but I offered to help Sar make sure all prompts got filled.  I'm sorry this is coming after Christmas, but I hope you like it anyway, and that this story is at least a little of what you wanted! <3

Word count: 4500+
Spoilers/Warnings: I pretty much disregard everything in season 4, hope that's okay.  Also, I'm extremely British, so please excuse any glaring Britishisms! ;)

The sand was cool and smooth beneath her feet, the wind tangling her hair around her neck and shoulders as Elena stood watching the grey waves roll into shore. )
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So, I figured I'd post my entry to the Ric-A-Thon challenge here as well, mainly for me, just so I know where everything is - I have a tendency to forget and then lose stuff! So, for anybody interested, here's my very first Alaric centric TVD fic!

Being a teacher sucks. )
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So, this is very late in coming, because I broke my arm and had major problems trying to type stuff, but I finally managed to post my entry for the Ric-A-Thon challenge!

Anybody interested in having a read can find it here:  It's not long, and I'm not sure it's very good - this is the first time I've tried to write an Alaric story.
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