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I'm trying to write something, and what I really need is some examples of a long drawn out penetrative sex scene. Does anyone have any fic recs with something like that in there? Any fandom, any slash pairing will do. I'm not going to plagiarize anything, obviously - I'll work out a way to kick myself in the face before I do anything like that - I just would like a sense of what to concentrate on, how to make it seem like it lasts longer than it takes to read the sentences, if that makes sense? If anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! ♥
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lmao, I write a post to say "hey, I'm back!" and then I promptly disappear again, sorry about that! I have been trying to respond to more posts on my friends list though, so I guess I'm making progress, slow as it may be. But I've just finished another epic rewatch of the Lord of the Rings (it's a thing I do every couple of months, because I'm weird like that) and I'm about to start reading a new book, so I thought I'd take some time in between to talk about what I've been up to lately:


I haven't been writing much recently, or at least, I haven't finished anything. My head seems to be teeming with ideas at the moment, some fanfic, some not, and I write like a woman possessed for about 10k, and then I look at it and think, "what the hell am I doing, this is crap," and then I start something else. It's weird, and it's annoying, and I'm wondering if I should in fact have signed up for some fests if this is how I write when I don't, tbh.


So, as you know, Eryn, my eldest, is getting ready to take her GCSEs in a couple of months, and she's doing really well in every class except History. Now, in this subject, her fairly new teacher downgraded her coursework from a C to an E; told the class the wrong thing to revise for their mocks (the results of which go on college applications); spends most of her time trying to control the class instead of actually teaching anything of substance, and gave my daughter an Attitude to Learning level 1 - the worst mark you can get, and the only one she has ever received, EVER. So, last week I went in to talk to the History dept. about Eryn's work, and after a bit of back and forth about how Eryn should do this and Eryn should do that, I got kind of annoyed, and brought up everything the teacher has done in the past 6 months to knock Eryn's confidence in general. And then we got into a fight:

ME: All I'm saying is, there seems to be a common denominator here, and it's not Eryn.
TEACHER: *scowling* Well, Eryn, what did you say to me in class yesterday?
ERYN: *shrugs* I don't remember.
TEACHER: *yelling* How dare you shrug at me?! That's so rude!
ME: *smacks hand on table* Excuse you very fucking much, that's not rude, that's a social anxiety tic, along with her shaking hands and her inability to make eye contact. And how dare you try to teach her manners when I'm sitting right here? That's MY job, your job is to teach her history, and so far you're sucking at it!
HISTORY DEPT HEAD: Um, okay, so, Eryn you work on your revision, I'm sure you're going to do great!
BOTH TEACHERS: *run out of the room*

Yeah, I scared away two women in their 50s. Apparently though, I am well known in the school for winning arguments - one teacher tried to pull Eryn out of class for wearing nail varnish, and her head of house told the teacher not to because, and I quote "you do not want to tangle with Eryn's mum, believe me. She nearly made me cry once." (I did do that, lolololol)


I had a little bit of a panic attack over my parents this weekend. I'd never really thought about it before, because until Joe left for Australia last week (and a guy nearly died in the seat in front of him on the airplane, bless him), he's always lived with them, but when I couldn't get in contact with my mum for two days, I freaked the fuck out, because what if something had happened? I'm 150 miles away, Jo is halfway across the world, how the hell would I even know if they needed help? It was the first instance I had of realising my parents' mortality, and I ended up spending 3 hours on the phone with my mum this afternoon, alternating between sobbing down the line and yelling at her to be more careful (turns out they'd gone on their boat for the weekend and forgot to tell me OR take their mobiles, for fuck's sake).

Also, I've been suffering from sciatica pains (a pinched nerve in my left bum cheek, all the way down to the back of my knee), and the other day I woke up after having slept in a funny position, and I can't move my right shoulder without whimpering. I'm walking around like a hunchback with a limp right now, I look utterly ridiculous! However I did get VERY VERY drunk on Thursday, because it was St Paddy's Day, and it's a rule for us Irish folk. Ben and I went down to our local Irish pub, and Ben wore a pair of my green leggings. I tried to get a picture of his hairy ankles, but I was utterly trolleyed and they all came out completely blurred. And now I'm going to have to buy a new pair, because he completely stretched out the crotch area (which he is ridiculously proud of, because he's a gross boy). One of these days though, I'm going to stop just telling you about the stupid things this man does, and just provide actual documentation!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately, and now I'm gonna go read a book. I hope you're all doing wonderful things, my darlings! ♥
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Hey everyone!

I kind of disappeared for a while there, I know. I had a few low days, and although I came back up easily enough, somehow it's always a bit difficult getting back into the rhythm of things, you know? And then the longer it goes on the harder it gets, and so on and so on, but yeah, basically I've been feeling a bit out of the world for a while, and this post is just me trying to push my way back in. So apologies if I've missed birthdays or not left comments on anything. Know that I have been reading your posts though, I've just been finding it hard to know what to say in comments and things.

Random things happening right now... )

And, I think that's it for an update? Not much has really been happening, lol, but I thought this might be a good way to ease myself back into my fandom routine. How's everyone else? Enjoying 2016 so far?
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I've been thinking a lot about whether or not to join in with some fests this year. I signed up to quite a lot last year, and while every one was a lot of fun for different reasons, I'll admit to feeling a bit burnt out by the end of the year. So this year I kind of decided that I would only sign up to the ones I enjoy the most, both writing and reading, to cut back on some of the stess that I felt before. The only problem with this is that I kind of thrive on prompts. When I see one I like, the entire fic unfolds before me, and I get that itch to start writing. It's both a fantastic and frustrating feeling, because the stress comes from having to sign up and not knowing if I have the time to get it done.

What I'd really like, I think, is the option to jump in at the last minute, kind of thing? Like, if the prompt I liked hasn't already been claimed, and I find that I do have the time and end up writing it, I can just submit the finished fic to the fest? Does that make any sense? I've seen prompts at both [ profile] dracotops_harry and [ profile] harrydracompreg that I would love to write, I'm just... not sure I can fully commit, so I haven't signed up.

Idk, maybe my anxiety is just playing up at the moment, and I'm feeling the stress of signing up even before I actually do it, lol.
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Does anyone else ever suffer from second-hand anxiety? Like, it's my youngest's 6th birthday in a couple of weeks, and she wanted a trampoline party. It's gonna be good fun, where she gets to run around with a dozen of her friends, bouncing all over the place and playing Dodgeball on a trampoline surface, followed by some food and party games. She's really excited about it, but all I can think about is that now I've handed out the invitations, oh my god, what if nobody turns up? It's a really stupid thing to be anxious about, because 4 of her friends' parents have already called to confirm, and they only got the invites yesterday. But I can't help it, my stomach is all tied up in knots and I can't sleep for worrying about it. Man, sometimes I really hate being socially inept.

In other news, I went to a meeting with my eldest daughter's teachers, who wanted to talk to parents about what they could do to help their kids get the best grades they can in their upcoming exams. However, according to the teachers, I can proudly say that there's nothing more I can do, because apparently Eryn is expected to come out with A*s across the board. I'm very proud, but also kind of worried for the state of my bank account, because I promised her £100 per A*, so it looks as though I'm going to have to shell out about £1100. Oops.

In other other news, the other day I bought myself a pair of new boots, without trying them on first. I mean, I know my size, and they were the same style I've had many times, so I figured, it shouldn't matter, right? Wrong, because for some reason these boots are tight little fuckers, and after spending about a minute in them they rubbed a hole in my heel and made me trip down a step and now I have a sprained ankle and a really fucking painful blister. All I wanted was some boots without holes in the soles, why you hurt me like this?

And now for my request:

I'm currently writing a new original story. It's something I'm quite excited about, because I've had the prologue written for a while, but couldn't work out where I wanted the story to go afterwards. Well, now I've had a brain wave, and I have the story loosely mapped out, and am currently finishing off the first chapter. My request is, would anyone like to alpha-read for me? It's an M/M story, with ghosts and a really creepy house, set in rural England (because why not? Write what you know, and all). What I need is someone to bounce ideas off of, and to kind of just be there cheering me on in the corner, in the hope that this one I won't abandon a few chapters in (and to my alpha readers for my last story, I promise I am still working on finishing it!). I'm hoping that with someone encouraging me along the way, I'll have more luck getting to the finish line. It shouldn't take up too much time, it might be maybe 3-4k a week? Depending on how quick the process goes, I guess. But yeah, would anyone be interested? Let me know and we'll chat!
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A few other people were doing this stats thing last week, but it took me a while to work out a) how to use the stats page on ao3, and b) my total word count after holiday fests. But I finally worked it out, yay! So, here's my stats for the year 2015:

My five fics with the highest hit counts are: Unexpected Consequences (16097); The Rewards of Bravery (15003); Special Magic (7444); Make My Demons Run (6947), and Teach Me (5099).

Including holiday festfics, I wrote a grand total of 14 stories last year, and 11 of them were for the different fests I signed up to throughout the last 12 months, holy shit! My grand total word count for the year was a whopping 181,583!! That's like, two entire novels, I'm completely shocked.

While I'm here, I thought I'd list the fests I joined in last year, just so people truly understand how utterly crazy I went:I mean, man, that's a lot of fests, right? I had a lot of fun, but I will admit to getting a bit stressed out over it, so I don't think I'll be doing quite so much in 2016. Erised will be a thing, obviously, and probably also Smoochfest if they have a theme that calls to me, and I also signed up to [ profile] hd_remix, now that I have a few fics in my arsenal for my writer to choose from. Everything else will just have to be down to if a prompt inspires me so much I can't stay away.

And now I think I'm getting a bit addicted to this ao3 stats page...
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Title: Time and Again
Author: lauren3210
Recipient: create_serenity
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco (blink and you’ll miss it Ron/Hermione and Ginny/Dean)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28,700
Warnings: None, really
Content/Enticements: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff; fast and loose interpretations of how both magic and time work; Auror case!fic
Summary: Draco has an important research assignment, and he needs Auror protection. Harry’s a little concerned, not only because he can’t even pronounce the places Draco’s dragging him off to, but because there’s the slightest chance he might do something stupid, like tell Draco all about that little crush he’s been harbouring for a while now...
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

This was my story for this year's [ profile] hd_erised and, just like last year, I had a fantastic time writing for this fest! Unlike last year, however, I had a bit of a tough time choosing what I thought would be the right fic idea, and this story went through several permutations before I finally settled on a case!fic, and by then I suffered from time constraints, which the mods were lovely enough to help me out with! I had a great time writing it though, with my favourite part being the drugged!Harry scene - which people have responded to so overwhelmingly positively that it gives me delightful shivers.

I also got an absolutely gorgeous gift from [ profile] themightyflynn, called Conflict Management, and I'm already counting down the months until we get to sign up all over again!

A huge thanks to [ profile] indyonblue for being the most amazing beta and cheerleader anyone could ever ask for, and to everyone who read my fic, left lovely comments, or recced it. I love you. ♥
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I was totally going to sit down and veg in front of the tv with some handy Netflix, but now I can't stop thinking about all the things I didn't put in my comment on [ profile] blithelybonny's Buffy post. I'm going to have to write them down now, aren't I?

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Because [ profile] gracerene challenged people to do this in one of her Snowflake Challenge posts! :D

I wrote a general likes/dislikes list at some time last year, but now that I’ve had time to think about it more, I think it’s time I updated, in a hopefully slightly more coherent way. Also, I decided to write two different lists: this one for Harry/Draco, because most of the people here on my flist are going to be more interested in that. I am going to include a few general do’s and don’t’s, but this is going to be mostly Harry/Draco centric. Also, it’s gonna be long, because apparently once I get myself started, it’s pretty difficult getting me to stop!

*This list is purely about my own personal likes and dislikes, and I am in no way judging anyone for liking to read or write things that are in direct opposition to those likes and/or dislikes. This is also mainly in case people are nice enough to want to write something tailored to my explicit tastes and want to know more, and should not be taken as more than that. :)

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So um, that’s it, I think? There are other things that I have less intense feelings about, such as MPREG (don’t hate it, but don’t love it with a passion either) or Top/Bottom preferences (I have them, and I’ve written about them in a post still to come), but these are the main make-it-or-break-it points for fics that I am guaranteed to either love or hate. And the more I think about this subject, the more difficult I find it to express my thoughts in an easily understandable way. Which I guess makes sense, because while these may just be fictional characters, my feelings about them are very definitely real.
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Problems with writing slash for years and then suddenly switching to het and panicking about it:

  1. "Hang on, how can they be 'chest to chest' when there are breasts in the way? Oh, no, it's cool, they're squashy enough."

  2. "No no no, fingering is easier from the front, not the back, especially when clothes are still on."


Man, writing about dicks is so much easier, I think I'll go back to that, tbh.
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I haven't been around for a while, a combination of work, holidays, and terrible internet connection due to all the storms raging across the west of the country recently. You'd think that wouldn't affect cable, but apparently, you'd be wrong. Either that, or Virgin just sucks in general, I don't know. But anyway, I wanted to pop on here just to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and my hopes that 2016 is an awesome year for every single one of you! ♥

I've seen a few of you on my Flist talking about your fic writing stats, and they're all incredibly interesting to see! I'm going to wait a bit to look at mine, because I want to wait until after the various holiday fests have been revealed so I can talk about them, too. So for now, have a post about my New Year's Resolutions:

Last year, I had quite a few resolutions, and I managed to keep exactly ONE of them: stop biting my nails! Granted, it didn't happen until August, but I now have lovely long nails that can be painted, for the first time since I was 7 years old, so I'm feeling quite accomplished about that. I can even type with them, it's amazing!

So this year, I'm going for just one resolution: Stop Smoking. This is my first day without, and it's taken me about an hour just to write this post, because I'm so used to having a cigarette when I write anything. Which is frustrating, because I have ideas for at least 2 fics, and another original story that I want to write down. So, I have no idea how well this resolution is going to go, because at the moment I'm all determined and shit, but my need to write without struggling over it might win out, so we'll see?

Aaaand I'm gonna go now, because I accidentally read a McShep fic yesterday, and now I'm having serious Stargate: Atlantis cravings, so Netflix is calling my name. Chat soon, my lovelies! ♥ ♥
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So, I found a website that sells Converse Hi Tops in a range of different comic book characters, and I thought, hey, Eryn loves BOTH of these things so much, how about I spend loads of money on them for her for Christmas? But, I wanted it to be a surprise, so instead I asked Madison to go in and ask her if her fave was either The Joker, or Harley Quinn, because I couldn't remember. And what was Eryn's response? "shut up and go awaaaaayyyyy!"

Nice. See if I get you anything for Christmas now, you absolute buttface.

Sigh. I'm sure I wasn't this difficult as a teenager. But then again, my mother would probably tell a completely different story...
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Okay, so I'm meant to be writing, but I'm just so wound up that I feel like I could explode at any moment, so instead I'm coming on here to vent my frustrations. Um, sorry in advance?

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On a slightly happier note, let me tell you something that Ben did over the weekend. He's a bit of a weirdo, okay, and there are times when I wonder who thought it was a good idea to give this overgrown child an actual medical licence. But anyway, on Sunday he decided to play a prank on our two youngest, by filling the water filter jug with weak lemon squash and insisting that it was in fact his own pee and then drinking it in front of them. Cue screams of disgust from everyone close by, followed by my 5y/o running off to find me, where she says, "Mama! Quick, take your [engagement] ring off, he's a very weird man!" Like, she was SO CONCERNED for me that I might actually marry a man who drinks his own pee, and desperately wanted to save me from the 'weird man'. I think I cracked a rib laughing.

Okay, venting over, and back to your usual viewing schedule.
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Hey everyone! *waves tiredly*

It feels like it's been forever since I last posted anything (although it's probably been closer to a few weeks), I've been SO BUSY OH MY GOD. But anyway, I have a week or so now to myself before going back to the grind, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to chat with you all!

life stuff )

I think that's it? I have yet to do any holiday shopping, so I know I'm going to be frazzled in a few weeks. Oh also, my tumbledryer has crapped out on me, so until the repairman gets here I'm stuck hanging everything over radiators, so my laundry is slow going, which sucks. But anyway! How is everyone else? Much love you you all ♥
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I completely meant to do way more rectober posts than I actually did, because I forgot that my life in October was going to EXPLODE. Whic it did; I barely had time to breathe, let alone write up rec posts, so for that, I apologise profusely. However, last night I was in a chatroom with [ profile] gracerene, [ profile] nia_kantorka and [ profile] celestlyn, for our [ profile] online_bookclub discussion, and when the chatting turned to fanfic (because obviously) I remembered this one epic fic I had read long ago and promised to share it with you all here.

So, presenting: The Shoebox Project

Now, this fic is probably one of the most well known HP fanfic out there, and there are REASONS for that. It's vaguely Remus/Sirius based, but in fact it's mainly just Marauders Era amazingness. I actually have a theory that the reason JKR has never come out with a HP prequel is because this fic already exists, and she realised she couldn't do any better. Because seriously, this is everything. It's funny, it's cute, it's fucking hilarious, and if you haven't read it already, you need to, because your life isn't complete until you have. It's hella long, and it's only available in pdf format these days, and it only ever reaches PG-13 rating (at most), but don't let any of those paltry reasons stop you from enjoying the best thing that has ever been written. And here's a handy little excerpt, just in case I haven't managed to convince you yet:
excerpt... )

Go on, you know you want to. Take your time, and enjoy the hell out of this wonderful story. Happy Hallowe'en!
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Hello lovely flisters! I'm desperately trying to find the time to finish writing my gift for [ profile] hd_erised as well as my gifts for [ profile] hd_owlpost, and I was wondering if someone would have the time to beta this little story for me? It's H/D (obviously), a little under 3k long, NC-17 rating, with some angsty post-war thoughts and emotions. My usual beta is currently working really hard on her own Erised entry as well as going through mine, and I don't want to have to ask her to fit this in as well, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I just need someone to point out any glaring errors, and basically tell me if it sucks or if it's okay.

Thanks in advance, and happy weekend! ♥
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In keeping with my Golden Oldies theme this year, this post is about another of my long-time ships, Mike/Harvey, from Suits:

recs recs recs )
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banner by [ profile] capitu

For my second rec post, the fandom and pairing are gonna be Stiles/Derek from Teen Wolf.

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As y'all know by now, I collect fandoms and ships like a philatelist collects stamps, so my Rectober posts are gonna be multi-fandom and possibly even multi-ship so. You've been warned. Last year, I was all, LOOK AT ALL MY GLORIOUS SHIPS, LET ME TELL YOU WHY THEY HURT ME. So this year, I think I'm gonna go for Golden Oldies instead - you know, the fics for each ship that appear in everyone's rec lists at some point. Let's do this!

banner by [ profile] capitu

My first fandom/ship this Rectober is: Dean/Castiel, from Supernatural.
Recs, recs, recs )
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I totally forgot to claim this fic! Now I have to go and reply to all the lovely comments!

Title: Of Infinite Longings
Rating: R/Mature
Word Count: 6,500
Summary: Draco likes books. Harry doesn’t, but he thinks he might like Draco.
Content/Warnings: A lot of talk about books being the best thing ever; author’s shameless use of characters to explain why books are the best thing ever; books, basically.
Author's note: Dear prompter, my brain decided that you meant Muggle literature, I hope that’s okay. None of the quotes used are mine, I just borrowed them to help make my point about books being awesome. Title taken from the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke.
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