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Good Lord, it's been ages since I've posted on here! I have lots of reasons why, so I'm gonna tell you all about them, because why not?


I've been reading a lot, ever since my mum bought me a Kindle for my birthday. It took me a bit to get used to, because I'll admit it, I am a bit of a book snob - I prefer the weight of the book in my hands, the feel of the paper beneath my fingers, the smell of the pages as I turn them. I think it adds to the reading experience, that it grounds the thoughts and emotions a story takes you through in something tangible, real. I'm also a techno-failure; technological stuff tends to fail around me quite a bit, for no reason I can ever work out. HOWEVER, I've kind of fallen in love with my Kindle recently. Partly because it's so easy to get a new book and start reading it immediately (although my bank balance has protested that fact this month), and partly because LGBTQIAP+ fiction is so much easier to get ahold of. Bookstores tend to just keep a small collection in their one tiny little shelf, and I sometimes find Amazon hard to navigate to get to the stuff I want. But all these little Recommendations For You and links to Amazon Kindle buttons on Goodreads makes it a lot easier for me to find the type of stuff I'd like to read on my little Kindle. And over the past couple of weeks, I've read about 30 M/M fiction books! And it's been awesome.


I'm going back to lecturing next week! It's been two years since I've done it, as my overseeing professor went on a sabbatical to write her next book, but now she's back, which means I am too! I'm so nervous, but also really excited, because I get to sit around and talk about my favourite things for 12 weeks, and watch my students have their minds blown as we go through the course material. What do you MEAN Supernatural is a Christ Narrative? Listen and learn, little grasshopper. So yeah, for the next 3 months, I'm going to be chatting about Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and a load of other contemporary entertainment and their connection to Christianity. I can't wait to have our first little discussion about my own Atheism (it always comes up, and they're always so surprised, bless them).


[ profile] gracerene and I have just started up a very low key, hopefully very fun, online bookclub! I hope y'all will want to come and join in; we're starting in October, and we're gonna read a book a month, and then all get together to talk about it! Come and talk about books with us!


Unfortunately, I've kind of... stalled on my Erised fic. My main problem is that I'm not sure where it's leading, and while I'm used to writing that way, it usually helps if I have some idea, but this time there's nothing except for a few scenes I can see in my head. It's frustrating, so I tried to turn my hand to the few Owl Post gifts I've signed up for, and they're not working for me either. And then of course there's my original fiction, where I know how I want that to play out, but for some reason the words just won't come. I'm hoping that if I just leave it for a few days, I can get my head into the space of teaching again and then the words will just come to me whenever I have a break from that - it's worked in the past, so maybe I'll get lucky again? My recent bout of insomnia hasn't been helping either - it's been 10 days since I've had a decent night's sleep, and I'm about to lose my mind I'm so frustrated. Oh, well, can't be helped I guess!

So yeah, that's me. What have y'all been up to recently?
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So, for those of you who read my post last week, I thought I'd give an update on what's been happening with my daughter's school. On Friday, I spoke with her head of house, Mr. A. It was only a brief chat, but he said that it would probably be fine, as long as she wore her hair down to cover it. Yay, I thought. Success! Then, later in the day, I get a call from my daughter, who is totally distraught. Following the advice of Mr. A, when asked by another teacher if she'd taken the piercing out, she said yes. Mr. W then demanded that she lift her hair to show him, to prove it. She said no, she doesn't have to show him any part of her body if she doesn't want to. He replied that if a member of staff tells her to do something she is to do it, without question. Now, guys, I'm just not having that, so when she called me in a panic, I asked her to hand me over to this Mr. W, with whom I had a bit of a chat, that basically amounted to me telling him that if he came within 10 feet of my daughter ever again, I would make sure the entire board of governors and the police know of his proclivity for telling teenage girls to do whatever he says without question. I mean, really, NO. Not acceptable behaviour, Mr. W. (and also, why are you even here, you don't even teach my daughter.)

So anyway, this morning, Eryn goes off to school with her hair down, but it turns out that this prick hasn't let it go, and so now her head of house and her head of year have decided that she must either remove the piercing, or stay in isolation until such time that the piercing has healed enough for her to remove it for the school day. So I get a phone call from Mr. A this morning, telling me of their decision, and I tried really fucking hard, I really did. I explained my stance on their forcing my child to choose between her right to her own body and her right to an education, I brought up the fact that other students come into school wearing jewellery and make up and hair dye without being taken out of classes for it. But, they refused to budge. And then he asked me what I was going to do about it. So, I told the fucker that I was going to leave the decision up to my daughter, because unlike him and the other two middle aged white men, I don't actually try to take control over my daughter's right to choose what happens to her.

And of course, my intelligent, beautiful, wonderful daughter chooses her education over her piercing. She could have stayed in isolation, could have sat in a room on her own and worked quietly on her schoolwork and kept the piercing she so desperately wanted, but she chose not to, because she knew that she wouldn't get the full educational experience without her teachers there to help her. I would have chosen the opposite; I would have sat in that class and stared them down, because I am and always have been a stubborn cow. And I just feel so bad for her, because she's being discriminated against because she's a good girl, a good student. They don't bother with the ones who walk into class with their faces done up like they're off on a night out clubbing, because they know they would be like me and wouldn't give in. They pick their battles, and they knew my daughter was one they could win, and I feel literally sick with rage. Because I remember it, I remember wearing the simple Claddagh ring that came from a time when my parents were still married, I remember the teacher insisting I take it off and give it to her, I remember the feeling of utter powerlessness, the frustrated hopelessness that comes with being put in a situation where you can do nothing other than bend to another person's will. It's been twenty years, and I can still remember that feeling, like a sick hot burn in my chest. And do you know what it feels like? It feels exactly like the time I was sexually assaulted in my own home, by someone I thought I could trust.

And yeah, it's only a piercing, only a piece of jewellery, and that's how I've tried to play it off to Eryn. I've told her that the very second her last exam is over, I will take her to get all the piercings she wants, we'll dye her hair blue like she wants, and she can walk back into that school and tell them exactly where they can shove their arbitrary rules. But it's not just a piercing, not to her. It's a part of her, a choice she made about herself that society (and by society I mean middle aged white men) has told her she's not allowed to make. And I wish I could tell her that it's a one off, that it won't happen again, that as soon as she's away from that school and in a place that won't treat their students like naughty puppies to be smacked on the nose for pulling at their leash, it'll be over. But I can't. I can't, because she's a female, and these hits are just going to keep on coming, and our schools seem determined to keep that as the status quo.

And now I need to go hit something forever. Ugh.
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Do you ever get so angry that you feel completely impotent with rage, and you end up wanting to cry with frustration? Because sometimes I do. Most of the time I can shrug things off and not let them bother me, because I'm able to tell myself that there's nothing I can do to change the situation and that getting upset only hurts myself, so why bother. But then, there are times when I get so angry that my hands shake and my palms itch with the need to strangle someone with my bare hands. Read on for the source of my rage:

the British school system sucks ass )

misogynistic tv shows are misogynistic and also homophobic )

Phew, I feel slightly better now! Sorry for the rant, guys, hopefully y'all are having a better day than I am! :D
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I don't understand, how can you not warn for Major Character Death in a fic?

I mean, I get that people don't like to give away the ending of their stories, but that's a pretty big thing to not tag. AO3 even has it up there in bold so that it's the first thing you see. I get not wanting to tag who tops and who bottoms and stuff like that, and maybe even things like dubcon when interpretations can differ. But MCD? I need to fucking know that before I start reading.

I don't know, maybe it's just important to me and not so much to anyone else. I test extremely high in levels of affective empathy, so where one person might feel sad over a character dying, I almost literally feel the pain of losing a loved one because I find it hard to dissociate my own feelings from that of the characters. The only time I've read a MCD fic was three years ago, and I'm still not over it, I still randomly burst into tears whenever something reminds me of it.

Until today, anyway, because I unwittingly walked into an untagged MCD fic and ended up having a panic attack and vomiting on my bedroom floor. I haven't been able to stop shaking and crying for the last four hours, and my husband is starting to get that look he always gets when he thinks it might be time for me to go back on my meds. What a wonderful fucking way to start the new year.
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I saw something on Tumblr, and it made me so angry I had to walk away before I put my fist through my laptop screen. So this is a rant, filled with swear words probably, please feel free to scroll past and ignore!

Sometimes Tumblr Makes Me Want to Punch People in the Face )

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