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I’ve been thinking about writing a post about this for quite a while, mainly because every time I sign myself up to a gift fic fest such as [ profile] hd_erised, I am never entirely sure what I want to say when it comes to my preferences. I mean, if anyone were to ask me which I prefer, I would say Top!Harry/bottom!Draco, however, some of my favourite H/D fics ever feature explicit Top!Draco/bottom!Harry, and I’ve been trying to figure out why that is for the longest time. And so, as I’m currently in the home stretch of my Erised fic and have a lot of other projects that could do with some time being spent on them, I am of course procrastinating terribly by thinking about this instead so, here I am!

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Okay, I’m gonna go write now, because I’ve procrastinated long enough (damn it). Back to your regularly scheduled Friday night on LJ!
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Okay so, I was trawling through the prompts list for a couple of fests yesterday, and I noticed that on quite a few of them, people have listed pet names being used between their OTPs as a squick/dislike. And then last night, instead of sleeping as I should have been doing, I found myself laying awake and trying to decide where I fall on this kink. Thinky thoughts under the cut!
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So, what do you all think about pet names? Hate them? Love them? Like to be specific? Inquiring minds want to know!
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It feels like ages since I've posted anything! I've been busy writing fics for all the fests I signed up to, but I've also been feeling a little bit down recently. Nothing too serious, I just haven't been my usual, slightly manic self. I long ago came to the realisation that one of the worst things about bipolar disorder is that there's never any logical reason for the mood swings, but that doesn't stop me from getting frustrated with myself over it. So I did what I usually do when this happens, and retreated into fiction, and this time I chose to rewatch a lot of past favourite series. And that led me to some thinky thoughts on the different ways I ship, so I'm going to ramble on about that under the cut:

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In other news, I've finished writing my last fest fic! It's sitting with a friend right now, who will hopefully tell me in a few days where it's shit and where it's not so bad, and then I can hand it in and I'm done! Do you know, I have written SIX stories so far this year? The word count for all of them adds up to over 100k, good God. Thankfully though, I now have a little time to let my fingertips grow back, so yay for that!

In other other news, my eldest turned 15 last week! I kind of hate it, because a second ago I had this red faced squalling little bundle in my arms, and suddenly there's this young woman in front of me, with boobs bigger than mine and a penchant for piercings. Which was one of her birthday presents: she got an industrial scaffolding piercing in her ear, so now she has a massive bar sticking across it. It looks good, actually, and I'm now thinking about having it done myself. The next body modification on her list is a lip piercing, but she has to wait until she leaves school to get that, so I have a little breathing room. Who the fuck said kids were allowed to grow up? Someone make it stop, because I don't like it!

Anyway, merry month of May to my flisters, I'm really enjoying reading all your daily updates! <3
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I realised a little while ago that while occasionally I mention my Asperger's and Bipolar Disorder, I never really talk about it openly. And I began to think that that's really very remiss of me, because I think these things should be talked about. There's still a bit of a stigma surrounding mental health issues (although I have noted a bit of an upswing in inclusion in contemporary fiction, which I approve of greatly), and the only way to get rid of that is to talk about it, discuss it. So, seeing as I'm currently in an upswing and am trying desperately to procrastinate instead of writing my DTH fic, under the cut is a long winded and rambly post about my own personal experiences with these two mental health issues.

*There are mentions of attempted suicide and suicidal behaviour, so please don't read if that makes you uncomfortable in any way.

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So, for anyone who bothered to read my long, rambly, and remarkably self involved post (and thanks, it means a lot!), please know that you can comment on absolutely anything I said here today. And if anyone feels like they might identify with any of it, and would maybe like to talk about it, my door (or inbox) is always open. :) Okay, still wide awake and bouncy right now, even though it's 1:30am, so I think I'm going to go do some ironing while watching LotR, because elves, man, they're so cool! <3

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I was inspired by [ profile] nia_kantorka's recent post on her likes/dislikes in reading fanfic, and thought I'd give it a try myself! Then I looked up at my open tabs, and saw that I have 4 Drarry fics, 3 Merthur fics, 2 Stucky fics, 2 McShep fics and a Destiel, all waiting for me to read, and I realised I may have a slight problem, but anyway, here's my list! And I kept it general, rather than pairing specific, because otherwise I'd be here all bloody month just writing them down!

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Wow, that was longer than I thought it was going to be, things just kept coming to me!
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Aha! Finally found where I put this essay! (I saved it in my download file, for some strange reason.) Anyway, let's try this again?

I've been wanting to write a Draco Malfoy specific essay for a while, and a recent conversation with a friend - about subjectivity in interpretation - finally gave me the push to do it, so here it is. Because the thing is, I really don't like the connotation that "canon vs. fanon" has within the context of interpretation; it tastes of one point of view trying to invalidate another, which is something I am vehemently against. Of course, there are some things that are utterly ridiculous - you can't in good conscience argue that canon supports the theory that Harry was actually a centaur, for example - and there are some things that are basic facts that you can't ignore in order to support your interpretation. You cannot argue that Harry Potter wasn't a bone-deep good guy for example. But for everything else that falls in between the utterly ridiculous and the basic canon facts are open to interpretation.

So I wanted to talk about this, especially in relation to Draco Malfoy, because I feel that he is one such character where the idea of canon vs. fanon comes into play rather a lot in regards to his interpretation; he even has a tv trope named after him - Draco In Leather Pants - which is specifically about the so-called divide between canon facts and fanon interpretation. So, under the cut, is an extremely long essay about my interpretation of the character, with a view to pointing out that even though others may not share that interpretation - even the creator herself - that doesn't mean it's not a valid one. Plus there's also just plain Draco feels, set out in an academic form in an attempt to disguise my fangirling.

(Before anyone clicks, I feel I should put a caveat here: I adore the Harry Potter series. I think that JKR is one of the most amazing, intelligent women on this earth, and that she deserves all the accolades laid at her feet and more. She should have a monument erected in her honour, and I will forever thank her for bringing female writers to the forefront of literature in such a brilliant, unique, amazing way. So, if I come across as a little critical in this essay, please know that it comes from a place of love, and that this takes up only 1% of my overall feelings for the series; the other 99% is too busy flailing over its brilliance.)

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Questions? Thoughts? Bludgers waiting to be thrown at my head? All are welcome! :)
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